A World of Abundance – You can have BOTH Cookies!

It was treat time in my house and I said to my kids, do you want a chocolate cookie or a vanilla cookie? (It is girl guide cookie season in town!).

My son who is 3, very analytical and cautious looked very pensively and said, “Um, um, um… ” I could tell he was trying hard not to make the wrong decision.

Meantime, my daughter who is 2 without a pause, looked at me and smiled and scream, ” I want both!”. Instantly, seeing the possibility in others… my son scream, “Ya, I want both!”

I couldn’t help but be fill with JOY in that moment, as I got an instant lesson downloaded from the Universe on abundance.

Why can’t we have both.. why can’t we have exactly what we want… why do we need to choose? Just because the question is delivered to us in a way that makes us assume that… if we have one, we can’t have the other. Just because everything in our upbringing, life or our story so far has shown us that we must always choose or sacrifice.

Now, this doesn’t always mean we will always get both. But by asking, we are opening up the Universe’s flow of energy of possibility. And on this day, just by asking… the answer was YES! 🙂

Where in your life are you thinking you need to choose? Where are you sacrificing one thing for the other? Where in your life, are you saying I want Vanilla, when really you want both Vanilla and Chocolate.

You see, when we say, I want both Vanilla and Chocolate, I open up the Universe’s connection to deliver me what I need to get to my intention and desires. On this day, it was a mom that was so grateful for the 2 year old guru in her life… and said she said yes, you can have both!

PS. Also, in this example, when we step up and say we want it all, we inspire others to step up in their lives too. By doing this, we get to surround ourselves with a pretty friggen happy brother that has 2 cookies.

Have a great weekend!

Much Love, Shauna