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Follow Your Heart!

May 28, 2015

There are many times you can’t figure out why you like a person… but there is just something about them! These 3 ladies with me in this picture are the perfect example of this in my life. “Trust the energy you feel and go towards it” is the lesson I have learned. With all 3 of them, I had no idea how we would work together again, but I just knew I wanted to get the opportunity. Staying in touch with people that you are drawn to is so important. The “how” part always comes later.  

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Everyday Angels

It has been a very tough couple of weeks juggling our very full lives. We honestly could not be doing it without the support of our amazing friends & staff in PG that stepped in to help out at a drop of a hat with the kids… and now after knowing I’m going to be on the road for a long stint – we have been down in Vancouver to get support from my parents and sisters. This morning I woke up early for the first leg of my trips to this awesome note from my mom on the stairs!…

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