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Turning 40

May 13, 2014

Turning 40 Today! Our hearts, being a muscle, has muscle memory! Today I started my 40th year (it’s my birthday!). As I get wrapped up in my day to day life, I often don’t get a chance to talk to old friends when they aren’t a part of my daily schedule or to-do list. I love how certain people make an imprint on our lives and how they become a part of our heart for a lifetime. An old friend and I were trying to get in touch, but we kept on missing each other… but today, serendipitously, I answered…

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April 2014 – Cultivating Joy, Dreams & Learning Lessons from Others

My word for this year is presence… being present in what I do. LOVE this pic of landing in Victoria. Amazingly after only being in the North for 5 years, I have already forgotten that other parts of the world are not under a blanket of snow this time of year. I loved getting away for both the energy shift, but also to remind myself to be present. This picture was taken just outside my beautiful hotel. Love the detail, the color and how it wasn’t the center piece (just one of many rings around the many trees in front…

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