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Jumpstart Your Life Through Art

April 8, 2014

I am very excited to be teaching a live course at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Prince George. I have actually taught all my creative courses online only… so when Carolyn from the gallery asked if I would be interested in teaching one live, I jumped at the chance. The class is already half filled and the perfect size. However, with my busy schedule, I know the mountains I have had to move to be able to teach for 5 whole weeks. The chances of teaching another one again is very very very slim! So I knew it wouldn’t be…

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Lessons, Lessons, Lessons… again

I swear, I have been through these lessons before… but, I got an opportunity to re-learn them again this past weekend. The Universe always delivers me what I need most. SOMEONE must believe that I learn best when I feel terrified and vulnerable. It matters to share my story. I guess how I ended up at the conference would be the best way to start… About a year ago I met an amazing woman called Deb Leroux while eating a hotdog during a break at Startup Weekend Kelowna. To be honest, I was quite zoned out most of that startup weekend…

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