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The New Currency of Business – Profits Combined with a Social Conscience

There are many vehicles to carry you as you live your passion. For Howard Schultz coffee was the vehicle but his passion was the connection of people and building community. Recently Oprah had the CEO of Starbucks on her iconic show Super Soul Sunday. I am constantly looking to hear stories of entrepreneurs that have ‘made it big’. I learn best through stories (probably why I love to share mine… in hopes that it will help me learn my lessons better). I love finding out where successful entrepreneurs have stumbled, how have they picked themselves up, what core values are…

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Career Loving Parent – Change Your Words, Change Your Thoughts

Sometimes it is all about words. The other day I was reading a book that talked about ‘working mom’ vs. ‘stay at home mom’. This book talked about how the working mom term has a heaviness to it… as if working meant neglecting of our children or choosing our career over our family. The book offered up a term – Career Loving Parent. It isn’t that I am choosing work over my kids, but that I also love my career. I know… it is just a change of words. But for many Career Loving Parents that I talk to, there…

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