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Wednesday with Wally – Time is my friend

August 21, 2013

My statement of “Things are not happening fast enough!” was what triggered my next lesson. I remember talking to Wally in another one of our powerful discussions speaking about the frustrations of how things just didn’t move quickly enough. He was aware that I lived in a town where things were a few steps behind most urban markets. I actually don’t remember the details of my frustration, but it was probably about an organization not making a decision fast enough, or that I had a client that was sitting on the fence. His response was, “What do you mean? Time…

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Wednesday with Wally – Let Your Disappointment Fuel You

Often times when something I think feels right, I begin to imagine every piece of my life fitting into that decision. That means from my family and friends, to my day to day experiences, to my future dreams and aspirations. This happened to me a year ago. However the outcome was that something I believed was “SO MEANT TO BE MY PATH” almost ended up breaking me. It was a job position that I believed was to lead innovation in my town. I had filled an entire journal of possibilities, plans and dreams of how this was going to be…

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Wednesday with Wally – How to be a Changemaker

I remember heading into a big meeting with Wally. He was bringing me into the meeting to share my ideas and expertise on a certain situation. We needed to partner with a larger organization in order to get our project running. But due to internal politics, there were always obstacles. The man that we were meeting was open to new ideas. He was in management for this organization. Wally thought that with my fresh eyes and ideas on the project, I would be the best to deliver them. For some reason, Wally wanted to meet me 30mins prior to our…

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