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What pulls you out of bed? A lesson from my little gurus!

It’s been awhile since I wrote about my 2 year old guru. Believe me, there hasn’t been a shortage of amazing lessons! However, this morning… I had to just jump onto my computer after this aha! Today at 6am… I was once again taught a new lesson. Let me just give you a little background…

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Consciously Creative – Hellooo Nod from the Universe

This past week has been CRAZY with work. But a good kind of crazy because it’s the kind of work I am so excited to work on that I have to pinch myself. I was already having a pretty AWESOME week when I received a letter that was just another huge “nod” from the Universe saying, “Hello?” (Imagine a voice like a parrot! Hellooo! One of my superpowers is “parrot talk” you know!) If you read between the lines the Universe was telling me to

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