2012 – Be not afraid, You Were Born for This!

Do you have rituals that you do every New Year’s? Perhaps choosing a word or a phrase to focus on for the year to come? Or perhaps setting goals or resolutions.

For me, I love ending my year with Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention.

It has been about 7 years since I started this. This year, like past years, I have been amazed at the new ‘aha’s’ I get from this audio.  (I personally enjoy the CD the best, although I do have the book and DVD). Here’s my favorite this year:


“Find and celebrate the ‘genius’ in you and those that surround you… Don’t let life de-genius you!”

Remembering the ‘genius’ inside of me was the reason I started this site. This past year has been one of massive personal growth. The blog was a way to give the creative side of me a place to come out and play. It was also a way for me to remember how powerful my intuitive side has been in the past.

It started with an article about how the Universe always leaves breadcrumbs for us

And unraveled from there into 300+ of you that joined me in my Jumpstart Your Life course and the 50+ of you that took the Finger Painting for Financial Flow course. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

One of my biggest lessons this year was how to stay present in the moment and how abundance surrounds me… always. My 2 favorite articles are here and here. Both of which were lessons taught to me by my favorite 2 year old (now 3 year old) guru.

For me, this past year has been a journey of letting go of trying to put things into little boxes. I love boxes, labels and titles. It helps me to organize and feel ‘in control’.

But surrendering the need to control has made me come alive again. Through this blog and all the experiences that have come onto my path, my only goal was to be better than I used to be.

“Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment”, a quote by Rumi was my motto.

So for 2012, I wish that all your experiences lead you to an open door to become more of who you are meant to be.

As for me, there is this pitter patter of excitement and fear all mixed into one for 2012. I feel like there are endless opportunities, almost like a kid in candy store. So this past week, I sat silently and asked for a sign to know what path to take.

No answers came at first…

So I went back to my day and opened an email that said ‘A blessing for 2012’ … the image of the above token came up.

It is a Joan of Arc quote, “Be not afraid, you were born for this”.

The answer always comes at the right moment. I smiled and the feeling that all will unfold as it is meant to calmed the pitter patter as I surrender into 2012.

Happy New Year my friends.

With much love and gratitude,


PS.  For 2012, in order to reduce my ‘work’ load… I have decided to no longer provide newsletters from my blog Consciously Creative. However, so that you don’t miss any blog posts, I invite you to subscribe to getting an email into your inbox every time I write a post. Click here to subscribe

As a thank you gift for taking the time to do this, I have included in the email a link to download affirmations that are ready to be cut out. These are affirmations that I have used in the last 12 years… I hope you enjoy them. Download affirmations here.

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