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Just LOVE these photos

May 31, 2011

I love photographers that have a creative eye. Thanks to Nicole from Imagen Photography for these awesome shots of me and my magnets….and my BEAUTIFUL Turquoise couch. Also the top photo is of our beautiful 12 year old lab Barkley Harper.

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Marry Richard Dean Anderson or Marky Mark… what’s on your list?

I went to bed last night reading all about the last Oprah Show. I was completely moved… as I always am by her… and her simple but transformational words. Even if you watched her last show, there is something different about reading it and feeling the words. Click here to read it off her site. So many light bulbs, seeds, ahas and take-aways fluttered through my head… but the one thing that just screamed from inside was that I needed to dream bigger. It isn’t about obtaining MORE but about living a BIGGER VERSION of who I am… a richness…

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What Energizes Me

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Affirm this – The Power of Words

Thanks to Andrea and Jen of Mondo Beyondo for reminding me about the power of words and affirmations. I was upset that I actually didn’t have any of my Upstones affirmations left when I read the affirmations they had us cut out for one of our lessons. Then while cleaning this weekend, like magic, I found a small bag of them.

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Share your Turquoise Life… I will support you

So late last night I pressed “publish” on a blog post that made me stand two feet in vulnerability. In it, I claimed I wanted to do more of what I am passionate about… being an artist (doing my turquoise art) & building an online creative community. A part of my mondo beyondo journey. Then this morning I was once again gut wretched with butterflies and nerves as I sat in front of my facebook profile wondering if I “really” needed to press the “share” button to post that article.

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What is possible if I dare to act like it is true?

So today started off as one of those… not so good days. I sat last night with a friend wondering if at 37 I should be focusing more on my family and “making money” vs. living my dream. I am constantly presented with amazing opportunities to make great money doing stuff I don’t love. And then also presented with the inner inspired side of myself wondering if this is the year I am going to step FULLY back on the path of my true journey… and take the risk even without knowing the ending.

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My Mondo Beyondo Journey

May 17, 2011

A few weeks back I told you about discovering Jen Lemen via one of my floating trips on the internet. Shortly after that, I discovered she was doing a course and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be able to work with her on her latest program Mondo Beyondo – An online course all about dreaming big! Yesterday was the first day… and right off the bat I was inspired!!!

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Concrete Stairs and Flying

Today I celebrate my 37th birthday… Last night I went to a workshop held by a great friend. During the evening we had to share something we were proud of in our lives.  And as we went around the room I began to shuffle through in my mind all the different things from my kids, to my work, to our family, to all the “achievements” and so called “notches in my belt” that I should have probably chosen. But one single moment surprisingly jumped out at me… a moment that was a big game changer about 11 years ago …

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Creativity in Motion – The Pink Program

May 7, 2011

I love all the creative programs I am coming across now that my eyes and ears are open. My friend, Marcy Nelson Garrison, is launching her group creative product creation program again. It’s called Creativity in Motion. She teaches it using her P.I.N.K. system. P.I.N.K stands for Power, Imagination, Nurturing and Knowing. It’s about reclaiming the wisdom and gifts of the feminine and learning how to balance and integrate masculine and feminine energies. It’s happening fairly soon (May 20., 2011)… so check out here if you are looking for a creative community! Click here.

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Art and Joy

May 2, 2011

The more I move into my creativity, the more the Universe has my path cross with creative and artistic people! I love it! Anyway, just thought I’d share this video that a Facebook friend posted on her wall… I couldn’t help but grin ear-to-ear the whole time while watch it. Enjoy! Happy Monday: PS. Share if you like it with the buttons below or above on Twitter or FACEBOOK. I love when feel good things go viral. What I think is amazing is that this video has been shared over 400,000 times… and to my complete surprise, there were actually…

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