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It’s Finally Here!

April 29, 2011
It's FINALLY here… It's even MORE beautiful than I remembered! This is just the chair that goes with the couch.
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iPad crashing, 11:11 and a Control Freak’s Journey to a Homebirth

Are you someone that listens to your body, trusts the Universe and watches for signs? I sure am… the Universe has a way of magically revealing what I am supposed to learn, who I am supposed to meet, and what my next step is to take. My life has been full of these moments. A few days ago my iPad crashed and froze at 11:11am. For those who aren’t aware, 11:11 is a divine number that symbolizes something magical. If you Google it, you will come up with many different explanations, but what I believe it to mean is a…

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Fools Rush In: Matthew Perry and (ONLY) doing things I love!

What does Matthew Perry have to do with me wanting to ONLY do things that I love? I’ll get into that… but first, let me start off by talking about how I jumped into this to begin with! I have been helping a client figure out how she lives so fearlessly… she is amazing!  She goes into life head on and has just the most amazing stories about living with intention.  While trying to iron out (to put into a free gift) what must be true in order for her to live so fearlessly, it made me journal about my…

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My Turquoise Life – Screaming from the Roof Tops!

April 21, 2011

Ok, in the middle of launching my new Finger Painting for Financial Flow program … my coaches would shutter at disrupting the marketing flow…so I really “should” only be talking about my course. But as with all recent “shoulds” they are going out the window with the rest of the “have-to’s”…. because today is a special day… a REALLY special day.

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Finger Painting for Financial Flow

April 20, 2011

Being vulnerable is where all that yummy juice creative energy is born… we often don’t jump with two feet in! That’s why I am so excited to present Finger Painting for Financial Flow! Check it out here… Much Love, Shauna

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Creative Soulful Purpose – My journey… illustrated

I am a big traveler/backpacker and love to see the world, but when I am at home… “I am at home”. As my son would say, “Mommy, I am a home-body just like you!”. (Gush of Love 🙂 ) I have created a home business not only because it is convenient for my family, but because I also love to nest in the comfort of my things and own space…(that’s probably why I am always painting and drawing houses!) The video below

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Create More Moments – Waiting at the Hospital

Today is the first day back to our normal routine. Just over a week ago my little girl ended up in the hospital after getting a concussion. It is hard to see why things happen… and as a mom, I would love to be able to erase the ringing “bang” sound of her head hitting the metal slide from my ears. I often try to find the silver lining in things. Although it is a great way to shift the energy, I have to admit, I think I can easily send myself batty trying to be positive and find the…

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What if LOVE was the Qualifier?

If not now, when? If not you, who? I was floating around on the internet (as I do ALL THE TIME now!) and I stumbled upon this video on YouTube. Living Consciously Creative to me means living with your heart wide open… and listening to the pieces of you that may feel vulnerable and scared to show what’s inside.

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Our Deepest Fear…

I recently had a client that shared that she absolutely hated networking and how it brought her back to high school when she was uncomfortable with who she was and the whole process left her full of anxiety. Then today, I was talking to a friend that shared that she told her coach that her biggest fear was that her clients would see right through her and would soon realize she wasn’t as amazing as they once thought.

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A World of Abundance – You can have BOTH Cookies!

It was treat time in my house and I said to my kids, do you want a chocolate cookie or a vanilla cookie? (It is girl guide cookie season in town!). My son who is 3, very analytical and cautious looked very pensively and said, “Um, um, um… ” I could tell he was trying hard not to make the wrong decision.

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