iPad crashing, 11:11 and a Control Freak’s Journey to a Homebirth

Are you someone that listens to your body, trusts the Universe and watches for signs? I sure am… the Universe has a way of magically revealing what I am supposed to learn, who I am supposed to meet, and what my next step is to take. My life has been full of these moments.

A few days ago my iPad crashed and froze at 11:11am. For those who aren’t aware, 11:11 is a divine number that symbolizes something magical. If you Google it, you will come up with many different explanations, but what I believe it to mean is a sign to be still, listen, share gratitude and be aware that the Universe is trying to give you a sign.

With this, I began to think about my course that is coming up and reflect back with gratitude on all the times the Universe has given me signs… and how I stepped drastically in the opposite direction than I initially intended… The result: much gratitude for the realignment.

One of them is the birth of my son.

Somewhere along our journey in becoming new parents, my hubby and I were in a course where we serendipitously ended up JOINTLY graphically illustrating our joys about childbirth… and the birth vision that we had.

Now to give you some background… a couple of things were working against us here. First off, I don’t like to share my art canvas much less anything else. Growing up in a family of 4…we shared everything… so as an adult, I didn’t share a whole lot… as a perfectionist, an “artist” and tad over achiever, letting someone else add their “bits” to my work was an even bigger no-no. As a new mom, I had a lot of fear.. and the way I used to handle fear was trying to control everything!


But, like most of the pregnancy and motherhood process, I was all about surrendering….

We were told we had something like 30seconds (might have been 15) to pass the piece of paper back and forth.

Now imagine not being able to complete a thought and then having to pass it over and watch what you were trying to illustrate get turned into something else. After a few back and forths, the whole experience became comical… it is easy to surrender when you realize that perfection was not going to happen.

By the end, my husband and I sat with a piece of paper with a drawing of me, my husband, cat and dog and our green heritage home over our heads.

We looked at it and chuckled… because in our minds at the time, we weren’t the hippy types that had homebirths… in fact, the control aspect that I had over the canvas was the same control aspect I had over a perfect birth in a sterile clean hospital environment with 1.5 nurses by our side.


I knew that being vulnerable and scared had always brought beautiful outcomes when I trusted in something bigger than myself to guide me to what I desired.

For example: Being vulnerable as I jumped into entrepreneurial world many years before.

Being vulnerable means letting ourselves play in a space we aren’t use to being in. It means allowing ourselves to shift (even if it is just for a moment) into the “what if possibility zone”.

Conversation and Curiosity

What this illustration started to do was spark conversation… spark curiosity around “what if”… it first started as us joking but then the signs began to pop up like popcorn all around us. And as someone that likes to trust signs… we walked towards the signs instead of trying to push what we thought our birth should look like back into a box.

What is so wonderful with graphic illustrations is when you surrender from wanting to be the perfect artist, or control what you want the outcome to be… when you allow your mind to just wander into the creative energy that is within each of us… you let your heart wander away from your head’s control and that’s when you step into the creative zone of possibilities.

My childbirth choices have nothing to do with my business… but also EVERYTHING to do with my business. Because the way you do one thing is usually the way you do everything.

How do you problem solve your fears, when you have a lack of motivation, when you are procrastinating, when you are stuck at what copy to write for your next sales launch or blog post, or when you want to design a new product?

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With much love,


Shauna Harper

PS. We ended up putting aside my clean freak neurosis and having the most amazing beautiful home birth with our dog Barkley and cat Marmalade as our doulas.

I invite you to step into the possibility of your life as you have no idea how the Universe is going to give you the signs for you to see how amazingly powerful you can be. Play in the creativity zone of your business and life. Be vulnerable…